New Day Yoga Challenge presents…


A six-week Spring vitality challenge for women and men

(starts Tuesday 30 October 2018)

Health Investment $345

This Spring we’re helping women and men achieve a
Will one of them be YOU?


For details and inspiration watch the video!

Refresh, revive and re-energise!

Shake off the winter blues and radiate from the inside-out this summer!


THRIVE is a six-week vitality course for women and men, designed to empower both body and mind, so that you can live in optimal health.

The programme will address the fundamentals of:

  • Intelligent Movement – reconnect with your physical body; release tension with rest and restorative techniques; learn about the correct anatomical alignment for your body; and introduce dynamic and functional exercise into your routine for strength and flexibility.
  • Mindfulness Meditationlearn to quieten the chatter of the mind; practice conscious rest and meditation techniques to de-stress, and increase clarity and awareness; and discover the benefits of different breathing techniques to increase vitality and calm the mind and nervous system.
  • Nourishing Nutrition – refuel your body with its own bio-individual needs; discover nutritious easy recipes; and learn detox and cleansing techniques to gain energy and clarity of mind (plus lose those unwanted excess pounds!)


STARTS: Tuesday 30 October 2018 (for six weeks)

WHERE: Empower Studio, Level 1/107 Customhouse Quay, Wellington

TIME: Tuesday evenings 7.30-9PM


Usually valued for individuals at $695 we’re offering the THRIVE programme to you as a group at a huge discount!

PLUS, receive a complimentary 6-week Empower membership for unlimited classes (*valid from Tuesday 30 October – Tuesday 11 December).

Spaces strictly limited!


Kim Munro, co-owner of Empower Studio, will be leading you through a life-changing journey. Kim will be fully involved as a participant in the programme; motivating you to achieve your goals toward optimal health (including no alcohol, no caffeine and no dairy!)

“The women from the last programme really did find it invaluable that I was right there beside them, participating in the journey. Hence the reason why I’ll be diving right back into this one with you!” – Kim Munro.

Each week a guest speaker will join Kim for the Revive Sessions to share their knowledge and experience:

  • Week 1 – Tuesday 30th Oct: Welcome and introduction from Kim. Programme rundown, goals, expectations and support. Our first Revive Session welcomes guest speaker Shirley of Yoga with Me discussing the topic: “You can’t pour from an empty cup” – for all busy professionals! Shirley is a a mum, works full time in the corporate world and teaches yoga. Shirley will share her strategies on how to make time to look after your own health and well being, while still being present and active in all other commitments.
  • Week 2 – Tuesday 6th Nov: ‘Serial Dater’ talk with body intuitive coach Penny Beale. Is your wellness regime like dating on Tinder? Thriving off the excitement of starting something new, then dropping it once something sexier comes along. If so, you may be a “wellness commitment phobic”. This talk is about how to finally recover from sabotaging your good intentions with your health, fitness and wellness. There’s a reason why you can’t commit and yes it CAN be easy and enjoyable.
  • Week 3 – Tuesday 13th Nov: Natalie Durrant, naturopath from Zest Natural Health, will workshop ‘Good Gut Health’, dealing with cravings and addictions, and how gut health effects anxiety and stress.
  • Week 4 – Tuesday 20th Nov: Breath is essential to life. Maddy from Empower Studio will guide you through the benefits of different breathing techniques, how to increase stamina and vitality, and how to calm the mind and nervous system.
  • Week 5 – Tuesday 27th Nov: Andy our meditation guru at Empower will introduce the practice of Mindfulness Meditation – the art of ‘Attention Training’ or ‘Attention Regulation’. Andy will show you how building your power of concentration has direct implications on the levels of stress and anxiety you experience daily, along with how much controlled calm you can enjoy.
  • Week 6 – Tuesday 4th Dec: One week to go! Time to check in with Kim and see how far you’ve come. Plus, expect an appearance from a special guest sharing her wellbeing journey, tips and motivation toward living in optimal health!
  • Week 7 Tuesday 11 Dec: Closing evening, round-circle discussion, what next?

Programme Includes

  • 7 Revive Sessions – with guest speakers sharing their experience and expertise
  • Macronutrient profiling – fill out a questionnaire to discover your bio-individual nutritional needs
  • Detox recipes – radiate from the inside-out with a colon cleanse, detox tonic, and detox bath recipes
  • Meditation recordings – download MP3 recordings so that you can continue with your daily meditation and mindfulness practice
  • Food and beverage recipes – healthy yet easy meal ideas for smoothies, breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks
  • Facebook group – ongoing mentoring during the 6-weeks with regular communications with Empower (incl; reminders, motivation, information, and group interaction)
  • Journal PDF – to record your journey and milestones!


The six week programme will be divided into 3 two-week sprints with the aim to achieve the following goals:

  • Week 1 & 2: Attend at least 3 Empower classes per week, plus the Tuesday evening Revive Sessions. Aim to ditch the caffeine, alcohol, dairy and gluten; and reap the benefits! Hydrate adequately (weight by kg x 0.033). Journal it all!
  • Week 3 & 4: Continue the above. Fill out your macro nutrient profiling questionnaire. Begin to adjust your diet accordingly. Journal!
  • Week 5 & 6: Add in a meditation practice and create a healthy sleep routine. Journal!

To ensure you have the opportunity to practice what you learn, and receive the most out of the programme, you will have access to a 6-week unlimited membership at Empower Studio.

Kim’s Bio

Kim Munro, co-owner of Empower Studio, has always had a love for working with people. Kim’s career has taken her on a journey from hairdressing and social work, to being a business owner and motivational yoga instructor. Kim dedicates her time as the lead teacher at Empower to deliver three fundamental elements: mindful movement, mindful meditation, and mindful nutrition. 

Kim adopted yoga as part of her daily life to overcome some serious health issues. At age 10, she fractured her lumbar vertebrae doing gymnastics. She had to quit as a result, and the fracture wasn’t discovered until adulthood. In 2002, Kim fell 15 foot down an external fire escape stairwell, resulting in a fractured face and significant spinal injuries (she was very lucky to not break her neck!). Due to these life changing events, Kim realised her passion for yoga, but also discovered that there were some traditional yoga alignments that did not work well within her body. This has inspired and informed Kim to develop the way she teaches yoga today. Kim recognises that no two bodies are the same and it is vital to modify yoga for the individual.

Kim’s expansive knowledge and experience has shaped a form of yoga, unique to the Wellington market, which incorporates a strong emphasis on anatomy and alignment. Kim works with her clients to achieve a balance of muscular strength, a healthy degree of flexibility, and passes on her passion for improving and encouraging long-term health, well-being and happiness.


  • 200 hour YTT Power Living
  • 300 hour  Noah Mazé
  • 50 hour Yin Teacher Training
  • Currently studying for YogaMazé Certification


“My journey with Kim and Andy started completely by chance. After moving to New Zealand I found myself in a bit of social vacuum and was looking into trying something new. An advert on Facebook popped up (Thank you Mark Zuckerberg) and all of a sudden I found myself signing in for a 6 weeks yoga challenge. To say I was skeptical would be an understatement of the century. I am not the kind of person you would typically associate with fitness classes or meditation. My life is super hectic, my job is super stressful and I am super introverted professional skeptic. To my surprise I have been a 100% convert into this yoga, vitality and mindfulness thing.

Week by week I have observed and experienced an unparalleled display of individual approach to client’s needs. My limitations and goals have been recognised, respected and then challenged in a way that made me want to challenge myself. It is very rare to find people who truly make you want to be the best version of yourself and who guide you through the process with such respect and humour.

Needless to say, I am now a full member of Empower Studio. If someone told me a year ago that I’ll be meditating, changing my diet completely and attending classes (!!!) few times a week I’d have laughed like a hyena. But here I am. In the NOW. End enjoying every second of it.” 

– Marta Roberts

“Thank you sooo much! What an amazing journey! 16kgs down, thanks to knocking out the booze! No more than one coffee a day, sometimes none! The clean eating has made me feel lighter and less bloated! And the meditation has made my thinking clearer! Finishing my job in Wellington halfway through the 6 weeks impacted my ability to get to as many classes as I wanted, but I feel less tension and stress in my joints and I’m keen to carry on with yoga! Awesome, friendly wellness advice from the wonderful Andy and Kim!

– Ramarihi MacDougall


“Nearly the end of the 6-week challenge; 16 classes attended, 3 coffees drank and 4 glasses of wine (it was my birthday!!) and 5.5 kgs lost!!! Looking forward to another 3 months – feeling ’empowered’!”

– Sue Gwilliam