What our clients have to say…

Nicky Owers – Delighted with her exercise regime and never bored

There is so much to like about the welcoming and thoughtful way that Empower Studio owners Andy and Kim have set up what feels like a well-being oasis. The question is, where to start?

To my delight, after never before sticking with a gym or exercise regimen for any length of time, I have been attending classes at Empower Studio for a whole six months now. That’s a good while for me!  There are lots of reasons for this. To name just a few – I never get bored with the interesting classes because the tutors are so knowledgeable and always keeping us to the right form and best use of our bodies; class sizes are small; and there is a welcoming feel (and a blessed absence of cold hard wooden floors or tinny, overly loud music).

Kim and Andy opened Empower Studio to follow a calling to help people improve not just their strength and fitness but their overall health; hence, there are also mindfulness sessions, Winter wellness workshops, and always thoughtful touches like – in the depth of the winter months – putting an ‘immunity’ blend of essential oils in the vaporiser, or having herbal tea on offer. And when I had a private training session, Andy’s knowledge of not only physiology but a holistic approach to staying (or getting) well was quite staggering. This guy knows his stuff.

No one has to be a hero in an Empower class, and what a relief that is. We are often reminded to listen to our bodies and work within our constraints. I also appreciate that the Empower Studio timetable is something that is constantly reviewed to ensure that we customers are getting what we need from it, and the way that these two lovely people find this out is by getting to know their customers – whom they all know by name.  It’s all part and parcel of creating that community and helping people that Andy and Kim strive for. So do try out Empower Studio – I promise you that you will not regret it.

Marta Roberts – Stressed out to ‘In the Now’

My journey with Kim and Andy started completely by chance. After moving to New Zealand I found myself in a bit of social vacuum and was looking into trying something new. An advert on Facebook popped up (Thank you Mark Zuckerberg) and all of a sudden I found myself signing in for a 6 weeks yoga & wellness challenge. To say I was sceptical would be the understatement of the century. I am not the kind of person you would typically associate with fitness classes or meditation. My life is super hectic, my job is super stressful and I am super introverted professional sceptic. To my surprise I have been a 100% convert into this yoga, vitality and mindfulness thing.

Week by week I have observed and experienced an unparalleled display of individual approach to client’s needs. My limitations and goals have been recognised, respected and then challenged in a way that made me want to challenge myself. It is very rare to find people who truly make you want to be the best version of yourself and who guide you through the process with such respect and humour.

Needless to say, I am now a full member of Empower Studio. If someone told me a year ago that I’ll be meditating, changing my diet completely and attending classes (!!!) a few times a week I’d have laughed like a hyena. But here I am. In the NOW and enjoying every second of it.

Ross – freeing the stiffness – regular sessions are working 

Over the last 18 months I have had regular coaching sessions with Andy. I live a hectic work life with a lot of travel as a national sales manager, but have found it very remedial to check in for half an hour with Andy between trips. I have two main areas that I have been working on and benefitting from:

1. Trying out techniques to help quieten my mind. I am hopeless at meditation, but Andy has helped me find my own version of mindfulness that suits my personality and lifestyle.

2. Techniques to remediate postural and muscle stiffness associated with years of playing rugby and other physical endeavours, along with a more sedentary work life now. Seemed impossible at first, but Andy has helped me think about how I carry myself and given me easy to follow techniques to free me up and straighten me up. Work in progress, but it is working.

Its always easier to do nothing ….

Michelle Thompson – Seeing results and feeling wonderful

I have always been a physically active person despite having scoliosis since my early teens. Recently, however, I experienced some quite debilitating pain in my lower back and hip and my chiropractor recommended that I start practicing yoga to strengthen and build muscle where there was clear sign of muscle wastage.

 I have been extremely fortunate to have found Andy and Kim at Empower.  I’m seeing Andy for one-on-one sessions once a week and also attending a number of Align and Yin classes during the week.  I absolutely love it and am definitely seeing real results after only 6 or 7 weeks, including a huge improvement in flexibility.  Andy and Kim purposely keep their classes small so that they can provide help and guidance to everyone during the sessions as required.  You therefore learn to do the yoga poses correctly and more effectively.  The atmosphere is friendly and inviting and the classes cater for a wide range of people – young and old, fit and the not-so-fit.  I’ve never felt uncomfortable or judged – you’re just treated as a person who wants to feel better both physically and mentally.  It’s wonderful!

Christine – “I can’t believe this is me”

‘Recently at 57 years old I was diagnosed with osteoarthritis. Prior to that I had had a mental breakdown, diagnosed with PTSD and I was all so asthmatic. I was just a big barrel of fun – lol. When I got the osteoarthritis diagnosis it really depressed me, it was a big reminder that I was getting older and my body was letting me know I hadn’t been overly kind to it. Sleeping was an issue because of the pain in my hips. My hands, knees and elbows ached – I really didn’t have much hope for my future at all. However, even though I was nervous I decided I would look for a private trainer who could help me build strength in my muscles which would support my skeleton – I figured this was a positive thing to do even though I didn’t really expect much, as I felt I had tried it all before.

Well, someone was smiling on me when I contacted the Empower Studio. It is owned and operated by a husband and wife team, Andy and Kim Munro. Andy is my personal trainer. What I have learned and achieved  in the months since starting my bi-weekly 30min sessions with Andy is incredible and life changing. Empower Studio is not like any yoga establishment I have ever experienced. In fact every yoga class I had attended (prior to Empower Studio) left me feeling like I was inadequate, clumsy and that I had missed my time in life where I could do this. Empower Studio does not teach just yoga. Yoga is the basis for their training, but their teachings are so personalised and it’s about ‘your’ (my) body, how our body reacts to everything from food to stress to good times.

I have gone from being a stressed uptight angry person to someone who just feels happy and content most of the time. I used to be so stressed, I would notice my knuckles were white when I would be holding the car steering wheel. I can’t believe this is me, I can’t believe how much my life has improved since having my sessions with Andy.

John Hancock – Newly energised!

I’m a typical age group triathlete, very stiff and inflexible and have experimented with mindfulness, self-massage and yoga over the years.  Andy who designed and led the workshops is a former triathlete himself and I’ve always found the way he talks about Yoga and related practice very easy to understand.  Each workshop followed a similar structure integrating the 3 techniques over a 2 hour period applied to different parts of the body. It seems like it would be a long time but frankly, I was amazed and how quickly the time passed.  I certainly left with new ideas and energy about applying the techniques in my own regime.

Lisa Schermers – Inspired and heading in a positive direction

My 6-week experience with empower studio, in particular, Andy Munro has been truly inspiring. The yoga was fantastic, instructors and the sessions invaluable .. I did a 7-day detox and the outcome was brilliant. Off caffeine for the first time in years, reduced the alcohol, cleansed my system reduced my acid reflux and felt the best I have felt in ages! Just wished I had found these guys well before heading overseas for six months but they and their passion for living in mindfulness has given me a strong foundation to take life physically, mentally and spiritually in a positive direction!

Paige Randell – At peace with a newly found stillness

Thank you very much Andy. I have enjoyed the past six weeks more than I ever imagined. I had a bit of a hump in the road in the middle but with persistent practice, even when I couldn’t be less in the mood I feel I have gained life long experience.

In the first session you asked us why we were here. I explained my suffering of anxiety. When you spoke about stillness tonight, this really brought this all back to me. As time has gone on I have found more and more often when meditating a stillness and sense of calm in my chest area, which for the last five years has caused me nothing but the opposite of stillness. So thank you for assisting me with the principle tools in order to help gain this and be at peace a little more even when I’m feeling far from still. I’m really looking forward to seeing how it all goes from now on. Thanks heaps 🙂  

Jenny Bridgen – Slowed down, happy

Working with Andy was a joy. Sometimes it was the only time in my week when I truly slowed down and relaxed. Andy taught me some basic yoga poses and sequences (but taught me properly so I now know exactly what I’m doing and how it should feel); and incorporated nutrition, muscle testing, meditation, and relaxation exercises into my sessions. He also served up some yummy kombucha! We always worked at my pace, and Andy listened, encouraged me, and was genuinely open to whatever I brought to each of my ten sessions. No pushing – just encouragement and enthusiasm. It’s a great mix.

Georgia Suckling – Encouraged and transformed

Thank you so much for your support and encouragement you have given me over the past 2.5 years that I have been a member at Empower Studio. My health journey this year has really transformed my mental health and improved my energy level, strength and flexibility. It has been wonderful to watch both of u grow as educators/health experts and to see your genuine care for your people. I will take the learning you have given me and continue to move my body and rebuild my strength as I am very aware the impact movement has on not just my physical health but on my overall well being.

Morgan Cross – New yogi

I have been a member at Empower for four months so I am a newbie. Right from the first time that I stepped into the studio I was greeted with a friendly smile and excellent service. Now, every time I visit the studio (4 times a week!) I am personally greeted and feel valued and welcome. I am a complete beginner to Yoga and so I tried most of the classes on offer during my two week unlimited membership, and I can confirm that while some classes are better suited to those with a lengthy foundation in Yoga (e.g. Power Vinyasa), Andy and Kim always make sure correct technique is explained clearly, and scaled options are available. As a beginner, my favourite class is Align, as that is where I am learning the Yoga basics, in a very knowledgeable and supportive environment. I also very much enjoy the Yin, TRX, Barre and Meditation classes too and I end up with an enjoyable, varied routine that fits nicely into my lunch hour. The studio is like an oasis within the busy city centre, it’s quiet, clean, welcoming and always smells delicious! I highly recommend Empower Studio to everyone!