What our clients have to say…

John Hancock – newly energised!

I’m a typical age group triathlete, very stiff and inflexible and have experimented with mindfulness, self-massage and yoga over the years.  Andy who designed and led the workshops is a former triathlete himself and I’ve always found the way he talks about Yoga and related practice very easy to understand.  Each workshop followed a similar structure integrating the 3 techniques over a 2 hour period applied to different parts of the body. It seems like it would be a long time but frankly, I was amazed and how quickly the time passed.  I certainly left with new ideas and energy about applying the techniques in my own regime.


Jenny Bridgen – Slowed down, happy

Working with Andy was a joy. Sometimes it was the only time in my week when I truly slowed down and relaxed. Andy taught me some basic yoga poses and sequences (but taught me properly so I now know exactly what I’m doing and how it should feel); and incorporated nutrition, muscle testing, meditation, and relaxation exercises into my sessions. He also served up some yummy kombucha! We always worked at my pace, and Andy listened, encouraged me, and was genuinely open to whatever I brought to each of my ten sessions. No pushing – just encouragement and enthusiasm. It’s a great mix.


Georgia Suckling – Encouraged and transformed

Thank you so much for your support and encouragement you have given me over the past 2.5 years that I have been a member at Empower Studio. My health journey this year has really transformed my mental health and improved my energy level, strength and flexibility. It has been wonderful to watch both of u grow as educators/health experts and to see your genuine care for your people. I will take the learning you have given me and continue to move my body and rebuild my strength as I am very aware the impact movement has on not just my physical health but on my overall well being.


Morgan Cross – New yogi

I have been a member at Empower for four months so I am a newbie. Right from the first time that I stepped into the studio I was greeted with a friendly smile and excellent service. Now, every time I visit the studio (4 times a week!) I am personally greeted and feel valued and welcome. I am a complete beginner to Yoga and so I tried most of the classes on offer during my two week unlimited membership, and I can confirm that while some classes are better suited to those with a lengthy foundation in Yoga (e.g. Power Vinyasa), Andy and Kim always make sure correct technique is explained clearly, and scaled options are available. As a beginner, my favourite class is Align, as that is where I am learning the Yoga basics, in a very knowledgeable and supportive environment. I also very much enjoy the Yin, TRX, Barre and Meditation classes too and I end up with an enjoyable, varied routine that fits nicely into my lunch hour. The studio is like an oasis within the busy city centre, it’s quiet, clean, welcoming and always smells delicious! I highly recommend Empower Studio to everyone!