Suzy’s Story

Sober, happy, at peace

After constantly battling anxiety, pain and tiredness, Suzy knew she would have to make some drastic changes to her lifestyle. Even before she found Empower Studio she knew that something had to give – or go…

So, she cut the one thing out that she knew really wasn’t helping her – alcohol. After 13 surgeries, including one for a broken foot she noticed she was drinking more in order to deal with the physical pain of it all. The trouble is, drinking made her even more intolerent and grumpy in her home life and with her family. The depression and anxiety that it would incite was enough to exhaust her and lead to many, many energy crashes. Slowing her down and esstentially preventing her from living a really full life.

Putting on weight was one concern but overall, Suzy knew she needed something more than just dropping 5kg. She needed a lifestyle overhaul and that’s where Empower Studio came in. Having already been off the booze for a month or two before joining, she felt she had a headstart and was really ready for what they had to offer. Suzy started to enjoy her ‘me time’ in both the personal training sessions with Andy and in the yoga sessions with Kim. She began to realise that in giving up drinking and starting to move her body she had much more clarity of thinking, less (if not zero) anxiety, less bloating and best of all she wasn’t over-analysing everything, all of the time! Not thinking about drinking, meant more thinking about family, friends, exercising and her career. It has meant she is also more cautious of what she puts in her body, knowing that without the sugar and alcohol, it deserves better. She has lost 7kg and exercise has moved straight back up to being a top priority in her life. She loves Kim and Andy’s philosophy which is why she goes back to Empower Studio time and time again.

“They’re so supportive, it’s all about what you can do on that day, at that particular time – and making sure you know that it is enough”

She appreciates that their studio is somewhere that’s not a flash-in-the-pan fad, it’s somewhere that encourages continual growth.

She see her time at the studio it as a chance to decompress, to look after herself. When she was hungover, she didn’t have the time for herself and she was constantly struggling with pain or on-going illness.


“Now, I feel peaceful, I don’t worry about being judged, I just think who cares?”


Her new found freedom from anxiety has meant it takes more than not being able to do a yoga posture to faze her thesedays!

Everything after having given up alcohol and taking up more movement and training at Empower Studio has meant she is free to do as she pleases, and do it with ease – walking, yoga, eating well. It’s all better, easier and more consistent. Thanks to Andy and Kim and of course sobriety.

Suzy – Happy, sober, Empower Studio member.