5 Top Tips for Summer Wellbeing

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The summer holiday season is nearly upon us and what a fantastic time of year it is to get together, celebrate and enjoy that glass of vino in the late afternoon sun! ‘Tis the season to be jolly! But it can also be a season of over indulgence and stress (with family dynamics, aiming to please everyone, and trying to find those perfect gifts…). During all of this our mental wellbeing and physical health can often be left to the wayside. Stress can manifest in our bodies creating tension, pain, weight gain, digestive issues, fatigue or even burn out. So instead of falling into this all too familiar pattern, head into the summer season with vigor and vitality!

Here are our top tips to a healthy body and mind so that you can stay cool, calm and connected throughout the holiday season:

1. Move Well

Exercise every day for at least 30 minutes. It doesn’t have to be strenuous. A simple walk or gentle yoga flow is all it takes. Studies have shown that there are endless positive and rejuvenating effects from exercise; such as increasing metabolism, maintaining a healthy heart and cardiovascular system, building strength and stamina, nervous system support, and providing stimulation to counter depression and dissipate stress.

We are here to help you achieve a healthy body through functional movement. Whether you’re after alignment-based yoga, restorative yoga, vinyasa yoga, pilates, TRX, Barre or Animal Flow, we have you covered! Our summer timetable is about to launch and we couldn’t be more excited with the updates! We’re thrilled to introduce Pilates to our timetable with three classes per week:

  • Mondays: 5.15-6PM
  • Thursdays: 1.15-2PM
  • Saturdays: 10.45-11.45AM

Plus, we have two new Vinyasa Flow classes (making that a total of 5 on the timetable) to really get your vitality flowing:

  • Wednesdays: 7.15-8AM
  • Thursdays: 6.15-7.15PM

Book your spot here!

2. Breathe with Awareness

It sounds obvious, but breath really is essential to life. The better we breathe, the easier life is; as the ancient proverb goes “If we breathe well, we live long on earth.” Connecting with your breath is a method for being present. When you concentrate on each aspect of the breathing process, you are present; you let go of the past and future and are focused on the moment inside the breath. This is why breathing consciously is its own form of meditation.

Plus, you can really practice breathwork anywhere: in your car, at your desk, before going to sleep or before a big meeting. All you need to do is bring awareness to your breath. Try inhaling through your nose for a count of four, feeling the air expand three-dimensionally throughout your lungs, ribs, and sides of your body. Then, exhale for a count of six while drawing your belly to your spine and squeezing your abdominals to push any stale air from the lungs.

3. Practice Mindfulness and Appreciation
Our minds are often overburdened with thoughts; worrying about the future, problem solving, or reminiscing about the past. The mind is like a monkey, so treat it like a puppy! If you find your mind in a state of overwhelm aim to gently and kindly bring yourself back to your breath and the sensation of air flowing in and out through the nostrils.

Try practicing active appreciation, acceptance and forgiveness. Life is so much more rewarding and joyful when we focus on the positive aspects of our life. Being in a state of resentment, anger, or frustration can ramp up our adrenals and put unnecessary pressure on our nervous system. Pay attention to your thoughts, if you think you’re going to have a bad day, chances are you will. Remember the mind is like any other muscle in the body; it can be trained.

4. Roll Your Worries Away

Do you experience tight muscles, sore joints, restricted movement, repetitive injury, or fatigue? Foam rollers and myofascial balls were designed to reduce and release tension in our body. Fascia is the tough connective tissue that surrounds almost every muscle, bone, organ, and nerve in the body. When stress builds up, our fascia can tighten, harden, and become blocked and thickened. Myofascial work is an effective method to alleviate tightness and stress in the body. We offer two Trigger Point Release classes on the timetable dedicated to myofascial release techniques so you can try it out for yourself:

  • Monday mornings 7.15-8.00AM
  • Wednesday evenings 6.00-7.00PM

Book your spot here!

Plus, we have foam rollers and myofascial balls available at the studio for purchase. They make for great Christmas gift ideas as well so check them out next time you’re in!

5. Rest and Rejuvenate
Modern life is full of demands and deadlines but often we set unrealistic and unnecessary expectations upon ourselves. Being a professional rester is just as important as being active and fueling your body with nutritional foods. Aim to get between 7 – 9 hours sleep every night.
Take time out for yourself weather that be a guided meditation, yoga nidra, Epsom salt bath, listening to relaxing music or just reading a light-hearted book.

Christmas can be a challenging time to not overindulge. We’re not saying don’t enjoy yourself but don’t go over the top. One of the easiest tricks to remember for a healthy diet is Eat Real Food – If your grandmother wouldn’t recognise it as food, don’t eat it! Make sure to hydrate adequately during the heat, especially if you’re in an air-conditioned office. To calculate your recommended daily water intake multiply your weight (kg’s) by 0.033.

Plus, we’ve been in cahoots with Santa arranging some special Christmas deals for memberships and concessions.

Specials will be announced next week so watch this space!


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