Studio Etiquette

Please help us here at Empower Studio in maintaining the highest levels of service delivery and personal experience for yourself and all our valued clients.

In the interests of health and safety, security for teaching staff and students alike and in keeping with the very highest levels of service for all, we ask you to please adhere to the following guidelines. Thank you.

Before, during and after timetabled classes

  • Reception is staffed 15 mins before and after each timetabled class with no guarantee of a permanent receptionist at any other time of day.
  • Upon arrival to a class please book in at the reception desk.
  • All payments and registrations to be processed before class start time. Either in-studio or via our online store.
  • We encourage pre-booking via our interactive timetable and Mindbodyonline wherever possible.
  • All classes have wait-lists when fully booked. They frequently change and when you are added to class a complimentary confirmation will be sent to your email.
  • Please be prompt by arriving 10 minutes before class starts.
  • All classes start and finish on time.
  • Please change into appropriate exercise attire before class and leave your entire belongings in the changing room pigeon holes provided. This includes; all electronic devices, mobile phones (turn to silent), clothes, shoes and bags. No personal belongings beyond the studio door. Exceptions include; compulsory medications/monitoring devices (ie, blood sugar monitoring machines)
  • All studio and changing room doors will be locked before classes start and unlocked when the class has finished. Access is not available once the class has started.
  • All late arrivals to the studio will not gain access to the class.
  • All participants are asked to remain in the studio for the duration of the class.
  • If you need to leave the room during class (ie; to attend the toilet) please do so quietly. If the reception is not staffed, please leave the main studio door ajar for your return and fully shut it thereafter.
  • Empower studio admits no liability in the case of misplaced/stolen belongings on or outside our premises. Owners store their personal items in the changing rooms at their own risk.
  • If you arrive at the studio while an earlier class is still in session, please wait quietly in reception (if staffed) or in the hallway outside.

Class Booking & Cancellation Policy (as of 15/10/18)

  1. Class Booking Policy; We kindly ask all our clients to book their attendance to class in advance wherever possible. Booking is made easy, to do so please visit our online booking system via our interactive website timetable or the Mindbody app on your mobile phone. Note that bookings can be made anytime up to the start of class if there are spaces available. Class bookings will be available 7 days in advance only. If you show up for a class without booking in advance, we can not guarantee that there will be a spot available for you. Important note; If you have already pre-booked a class from October 15th onward, the booking will be automatically cancelled by Mindbody online. Going forward, class bookings will open 7 days in advance.
  2. Class Wait-Lists; If you are on a wait-list for a class, please ensure to check your email to see if space has become available to you. An email notification can show up in your inbox up to 3 hours before the start of class. Class wait-lists change frequently as attendees reschedule their days. If you are on a wait-list there is a high chance of making the class attendance list, please plan your day accordingly.
  3. Class Cancellation Policy; We value our clients and aim to provide the best possible service to everyone at Empower, therefore we ask that you adhere to the following system. In the event that you are unable to attend a class you have booked in advance, we kindly ask that you cancel your booking before our ‘late cancel’ window expires – this being 3 hours before the class start time. This policy is in place for the best interest of all our clients to enable fair access to classes. To modify or cancel a class booking simply visit your Mindbody account schedule in ‘My Info’. Please note that non-attendance to a booked class or a ‘late cancel’ (within the 3 hours before the start of class) will result in an automatic $10 account charge or in the case of a casual member (single or multiple class pass holder) the cost of a single class (exceptional circumstances notwithstanding such as hospitalisation and serious injury).

Other Points of Interest

  • Freshly brewed tea and fresh filtered water is provided on site and is to be consumed in reception, not in the studio.
  • Only water is allowed on the studio floor and must be contained in an appropriate water bottle.
  • No glass or pottery allowed inside the studio.
  • Please put your props away tidily after class and wipe down your mat.
  • Be mindful of your fellow practitioners by practicing good hygiene and wearing clothing and/or undergarments that limit the risk of exposure.