Recharge & Rebrand

8-week Spring Challenge for Men

(starts Friday 28 September 2018)


Full Cost $1295

Early Bird $995

(if booked and paid by Friday 31st August)

Feel healthier, look fitter, improve your mind

Are you up for the challenge?!

Perform at your peak. Improve your mindset. Become a better leader. Prioritise your health and fitness. Take back control. Look your best!


Kerene Strochnetter of Mindful at Work and Andy Munro of Empower Studio have teamed up to create an 8-week men’s combo programme for Spring; delivered via two parts:

  • ‘My Off Switch Programme’ with Kerene – learn how mindfulness helps you reduce stress, become a better leader and improve your performance at work.
  • ‘Peak Performance Challenge’ with Andy – regain mobility, improve functional strength and understand nutrition.


‘My Off Switch’

An 8-week workplace mindfulness programme with Kerene designed for busy professionals. This programme unpacks the impact of being constantly busy and shows you how to use mindfulness to turn things around. Mindfulness is a workout for your mind, just like physical exercise is for your body. Learn to perform at your peak and be more productive, effective and resilient.

STARTS: Friday 28 September (for 8 weeks)

  • Part 1 of the ‘My Off Switch’ programme will be delivered as a one-day workshop 9-5PM on Friday 28th September at the Draughtsman’s Room Wellington Museum, Queens Wharf.
  • Part 2 of ‘My Off Switch’ starts on 4th October and is delivered Thursday evenings 7.30-9PM over the following 7 weeks via virtual conference.


‘Peak Performance’

A 7-week challenge with Andy Munro combining functional body-weight exercise, bio-individual nutrition and mindful awareness. Designed for the corporate man looking to feel better, look fitter, and understand what to do going forward, so he can confidentially make better decisions. The challenge includes:

  • a 7-week Empower Studio membership for unlimited classes (*valid from Mon 1st Oct – Sun 18th Nov)
  • One-on-one private training from Andy Munro; functional movement, mobility, strength and myofascial training
  • Nutrition analysis – macronutrient profiling for individual food needs; including food plans and recipes
  • 7-week health and fitness mentoring with Andy
  • 2 x 1.5-hour functional training group workshops (live & virtual options available)

EARLY BIRD PRICE: $995 plus GST (save $300 off full cost if booked and paid by 31st August)

FULL COST$1,295 plus GST (from 1 September August)

Usually valued for individuals over $6,000 we’re offering the Recharge and Rebrand programme to you as a group at a huge discount!

Andy Munro’s Bio

Andy thrives on a sense of ageless freedom in mind and body; with the goal to share this experience with his clients. Andy’s health and fitness career has taken him on a journey from a Sports and Exercise Science degree, to becoming a certified Yoga Instructor and qualified Mindfulness Meditation teacher. Andy now co-owns Empower Studio in Wellington’s CBD, where he dedicates his time, as a personal vitality coach, to deliver his three major passions: mindfulness meditation, functional movement, and nutritional bio-individuality.

Having been an all-round sportsman from a young age, Andy began practicing yoga in 2005. He quickly discovered the benefits yoga offered to his running, in particular how it stripped away long held muscular tensions and encouraged greater recovery after training sessions. This quickly led to a regular yoga practice, eradicating his injuries and complimenting his vigorous training and busy work lifestyle. Over the last decade, Andy redesigned himself from a stressed and stiff endurance-based weekend athlete, to a youthful 40-year-old with bounce and elasticity to spare.

Andy wants to empower his clients to feel the same sense of vitality, with a mindful and stress-less approach to life. Along with a BSc (Hons), Andy is a dedicated body weight practitioner, utilising yoga, TRX and Animal Flow/functional movement as his main exercise modalities. Andy believes strongly in learning how to move and eat within the parameters of your body and biodynamic individuality. He teaches from this perspective, always advancing his clients’ knowledge of their own bodies with a strong emphasis on anatomical and muscular understanding. Andy is a passionate advocate of restorative exercise, such as yin yoga, myofascial release, and mindful mobility. He knows that when your body and mind is calm and spacious, so to is the rest of your life’s objectives and responsibilities.


BSc (Hons) – Sports and Exercise Science
Integrative Nutrition Health Coach
Qualified Mindfulness Meditation Teacher
Qualified Personal Trainer & Clinical Exercise prescription
200 hour Yoga Teacher
TRX Suspension
Animal Flow Trainer


Want to look sharp but don’t know where to start? Luan Cedrowen, Assistant Manager and Suiting Specialist of Barkers Clothing Store, will join us for the one-day workshop on Friday 28 Sept to deliver a 1-hour ‘Men’s Restyle’ seminar with Q&A. All attendees on the course will receive a 30% discount voucher for Barkers full price product, plus a Barkers Groom Room voucher to have you looking at your peak!


“A few weeks after back surgery, hundreds of you tube videos on how awful the outcomes are for people after back surgery, and a general sense of feeling sorry for myself I decided it was time to take some positive steps toward my recovery. I knew that physio alone was not going to be the answer for me and started looking at the myriad of exercise options and exercise professionals in wellington that may provide some assistance.

A person in my office mentioned that they had heard about ‘a guy who was great with backs, somewhere near Pravda’. A colleague and I hunted down “the guy” who turned out to be Andy Munro at Empower Studio. I had a number of one-on-one sessions with Andy as my state of being 6 weeks post-surgery was not up to doing regular classes with regular people. I was not up for doing much besides some light walking, and regular visits to the drive-through. The first couple of sessions were very basic and didn’t seem like they would actually do much, but I noticed improvement almost immediately. With proper engagement of all of my supporting muscles I noticed pressure coming off the injured part of my back and knew this was going to be really useful in my recovery.

Week by week I continued to see improvement. Andy helped me get a better connection between my brain and the muscles in my body as I slowly progressed to more complex movement and greater ranges of motion. I’m now doing regular group classes at Empower like any other human and have almost completely recovered from my injury.

Thanks Andy! I don’t think I would be in such a good place without your assistance.”

– Daniel

“Over the last 18 months I have had regular coaching sessions with Andy. I live a hectic work life with a lot of travel…I have two main areas that I have been working on and benefiting from: 1. Trying out techniques to help quieten my mind. I am hopeless at meditation, but Andy has helped me find my own version of mindfulness that suits my personality and lifestyle. 2. Techniques to re-mediate postural and muscle stiffness associated with years of playing rugby and other physical endeavours, along with a more sedentary work-life now…Andy has helped me think about how I carry myself and given me easy-to-follow techniques to free me up and straighten me up.”

– Ross National Sales Manager


“I am not the kind of person you would typically associate with fitness classes or meditation. My life is super hectic, my job is super stressful, and I am a super introverted professional skeptic. To my surprise I have been a 100% convert into this yoga, vitality and mindfulness thing. Week by week I have observed and experienced an unparalleled display of individual approach to client’s needs. My limitations and goals have been recognised, respected and then challenged in a way that made me want to challenge myself. It is very rare to find people who truly make you want to be the best version of yourself and who guide you through the process with such respect and humour.”

– Marta Roberts CEO Consulting and Training