Guilty of Negative Self Talk?

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Use negative self talk to your advantage!

“Would you say that out loud to your best friend?” I’m sure you’ve heard this in relation to your self talk. It’s a great question, and from asking this you’ll likely be shocked at the internal abuse you’re suffering at your own hand. However let’s take this one step further, instead of simply being aware of your negative self talk and attempting to change it, let’s use it to your advantage.

I know this sounds strange, but if you do this it’ll not only change your negative self talk, it’ll dissolve the reason it was there in the first place. Not immediately, this isn’t a quick fix, but each time you practise it you’ll notice your life opening up in little but awesome ways.

So let’s start with some negative talk. Something I used to say to myself a lot was “My thighs look massive!” Usually said while trying on shorts in a changing room. Would I ever say that to a friend? No, well not unless they’d been stung by many bees.

So now I’ve identified my negative self talk, the next step is to understand how it makes me feel. Observe your mental health. Because if you’d said that to me, I’d definitely have noticed how I felt. However we don’t do this when we’ve said something mean to ourselves. We just allow this nasty, persistent presence to keep trashing us every day.

So when I think of how me saying this to myself impacts me, I feel sad and judged. Once I’m aware of my emotions the next step is to accept how I’m feeling.

I choose not to try and make myself better by saying something like “But I have a nice smile”, or distracting myself through eating lots of chocolate, instead I’ll opt to be with myself, just as I am, as I feel sad and judged.

By doing this I’m not trying to change myself, although this is exactly what will happen. My intention however is to simply accept myself exactly as I am. Through doing this I’m saying “No matter what, I choose to stick by me. Even if I feel like the biggest loser on the planet, that’s ok, that’s just where I’m at right now.”

By owning how we really feel deep down we can change how we feel. However when we deny our negative emotions exist they’ll keep trying to get our attention time and time again.

Feeling into your difficult emotions will dissolve them, some naturally take longer than others. But, when you stay with them they’ll ease a little, then they’ll ease a little more and then in not too long they’ll be gone.

Having felt through your difficult emotions you’ll be left feeling lighter, clearer and with the ability to access your intuition to know what action, to take next.

This is a simple, counterintuitive and hugely powerful practice, yet it’s not always easy, so if you’d like a more comprehensive free guide on how to do this, click here, to download ‘The 5 steps to unlocking your 3 superpowers.’

Penny is a Body Intuitive Practitioner who specialises in helping her clients move through limiting beliefs, self doubt and anxiety. She helps them uncover the root causes behind issues they struggle with such as weight loss, body image, relationships, career, finances and pain. Along with intuitively guiding her clients she also empowers them with the tools and skills to make big changes on their own.

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