Natalee’s 10 Immunity Boosting Tips

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We’ve been chatting to our friend Natalee Durrant from Zest Natural Health to find out all the best immunity boosting tips for winter. Head over to Natalee’s Facebook page and website to find out more about what she does and how naturopathy can enhance your wellness.

  1. Keep your nutrition in check: Just because it’s winter doesn’t mean we should drop the ball when it comes to eating a healthy, wholefoods diet. Ensure you continue to eat a colourful variety of fruit and vegetables. These are high in antioxidants which aid in strengthening your immune system.
  2. Add warming herbs and spices to meals: Ginger, turmeric, chilli, cinnamon, thyme and rosemary increase circulation. This may support the body to fight off infections.
  3. Add natural antibiotic foods to your meals: Garlic, onion and ginger are great additions.
  4. Keep your fluids up: Drinking your minimum 2 litres of water daily can be a drag during the colder months. Make this easier by drinking warming and immune boosting herbal teas such as elderflower, rosehip, ginger, echinacea and kawakawa.
  5. Reduce Stress, Rest & Relax: Winter is traditionally a time for rest and hibernation. Remember to take time to slow down and be gentle with yourself. Prolonged exposure to stress hormones may supress the immune system function. Include meditation and relaxation techniques as part of your daily wellness routine to reduce stress and support your immune system. Magnesium and a B complex may also support the body’s ability to deal with stress.
  6. Exercise: We need to balance our rest and relaxation with some activity too. Still include the minimal 30 minutes of daily exercise. This will increase your circulation and enhance your immune system and keep you warm. If you are feeling unwell however, only do light exercise or take a day off to recuperate.
  7. Sleep: 7-8 hours a night is said to be essential to an optimally functioning immune system.
  8. Supplement: Zinc and Vitamin C are essential nutrients for immune function. The immune system is dependent upon Vitamin D and may become depleted over the winter months. Supplementing with these nutrients may be beneficial.
  9. Probiotics and fermented foods: Some probiotic strains have shown they may be effective in supporting the immune system. Fortify your immunity by taking a multi-strain probiotic daily and by adding fermented foods high in good bacteria to your diet.
  10. Eucalyptus Oil: If you feel the beginnings of a cold, just before bed rub five drops into the balls of your feet, put on some socks and go to sleep. This may help to boost your immune system to fight off the invading infection.


At July’s workshop Natalee will elaborate on the above tips; how to incorporate them into our lives and what to do if you do find yourself fighting off the dreaded cold or flu.



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