Jump into June

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Jump into June and wave goodbye to winter worries.


The bitterly chilly days we have been experiencing in the past weeks means there’s no denying winter is well and truly knocking on our door, but what does that mean for our mood and wellness?


Winter blues

With the cold weather unfortunately comes winter ills and chills. But this is no hard and fast rule – get the blood pumping and reap the benefits. Exercise increases circulation and blood flow throughout the body. When the white blood cells and other immune system components are pumping more efficiently through the body, they are more likely to encounter illness before it spreads meaning you have a better chance of stopping colds and flu before they start.


Not only does exercise improve physical wellness, moving your body releases feel-good endorphins. In addition, serotonin is increased following exercise in two ways: firstly, moving activates motor neurons, boosting the release of serotonin. Secondly, tryptophan – the amino acid precursor to serotonin – is elevated consistently for up to hours after you stop moving. This two-fold process attests to the mood-enhancing value of movement on a cellular level. When combined with mindfulness meditation and mindful nutrition, the body’s wellness potential grows exponentially.


Mind matters

Being mentally fit is as, if not more, important than physical fitness. Plummeting temperatures, grey skies and unrelenting winds can be hard on the mood and ‘tis the season to be Seasonally Affected. S.A.D is the psychological phenomenon known as Seasonal Affective Disorder that affects a percentage of the population each winter due to low levels of light and reduced movement. As tempting as it is to stay under the covers for an extra half hour or go skip class after work in favour of a warm, carb-only meal, these habits only serve to make us feel more sad, sluggish and lazy. Break the cycle and challenge yourself to strengthen your will power and conquer your mind. Jump into June is the perfect way to hit reset on your wellness, get those serotonin neurons and endorphins firing and beat the bugs!


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