As a health coach I am a personal trainer who inherently understands the bio-individuality of everyone I work with. I specialise in functional movement, mindfulness and meditation and I can support you and help you change your life in all areas of health and well-being. It comes down to understanding the stressors of modern life, and my empathy with people trying to navigate such a busy, over-stimulated society. Also, our relationship to food and nutrition is an important part of what I do, I want to challenge your perception of what we should and shouldn’t eat, by holistically looking at your lifestyle. Food shouldn’t be stressful and I’ll work with you to improve your relationship with it. My passion for helping my clients live with vitality is backed up with well-rounded training, instruction, patience and calm energy. I work closely with you so I know when you need a deeply relaxing guided meditation or if I need to test your toughest physical and mental edge.

What’s New?

I am excited to launch a BRAND NEW Health Coaching Program in January 2020! I have spaces available to help 5 new people this coming January to find new heights in their personal health & wellness. Would you like to be one of them?

The bonus is you can live anywhere in the world, not just Wellington, NZ. My plans focus on my 3 pillars of movement, mindfulness and nutrition, lasting for 3 months and include very close involvement from me. I will literally be by your side motivating and guiding you through your weeks as you undertake the biggest health shift of your life.

You receive from me:

  • A very thorough and personally evolving 3 month health and wellness protocol: movement, nutrition, mindfulness.
  • 1 x face to face weekly 45min consult followed by a weekly email, where I recap your progress and then lay out your next steps.
  • Regular short video calls, txt/messages/WhatsApp 5 days per week. This is the real bonus. I’m in your corner, literally.
  • Bonus meditation videos & audios
  • Bonus recipes and dietary strategies
  • Bonus yoga & exercise videos
  • Bonus self care and health tips galore

All designed with a personal touch. We are each unique and we need a tailored programme just for us.

Some of you might know me as coach Andy, others as yoga teacher Andy, either way, I am a health coach who has redefined what a health and fitness regime is, I like to call it ‘total health and fitness, from the inside out’.

This past few years I’ve been working with many people on perfecting a personal health strategy that works and I believe this last 12 months has proved to me and my clients it really does. Health is so much more than exercise, than boot camp, it’s more than visits to the GP and it’s way more than meds and adding further layers of toxicity to your body. Health is the complete package and we have to see it as the total sum of what we do, think and eat.

I work with Mindful movement, meditation and nutrition, particularly cleansing strategies to help heal and then build reserve and strength from the inside out, that really work. Yoga and functional movement, restorative exercises, plenty of daily meditation and breathing protocols and some very clear strategies focussed around improving intestinal health and strengthening immunity.

Those of you who know me know me to be perpetually healthy (I havnt had even so much as a cold in the last 6 years) and a guy fascinated by health and longevity. And not just any old health and fitness regime quite does it for me, I’m talking about total health, wellbeing to the very core. This last 6 years owning Empower Studio with Kim has been the most rewarding and motivating experience of my life and the best part of it has been seeing the smiling faces of our clients and listening to their stories of improved health and wellness.

Yoga, it turns out, really does have a huge positive impact on a persons life, let me help you, become the best version of yourself you could possibly be.

Price details as follows:

  • 3 month personal coaching plans cost $995USD per month (currently offering a 30% discount on first 3 packages sold this December)
  • 3 month unassisted plans normally cost $395USD (currently offering a 30% discount on first 5 packages sold)

I’d love to help as many people as I can next year! Get in touch with me today to be one of the first 5 on my new health coaching program!

If you’re committed to making a change in your life, I can be with you every step of the way. By creating a totally personalised wellness plan you can transform the way you live. It’s just a matter of taking the first step, and then committing to those changes. There are three main stages I will take you through:

First is always Mindfulness

Learn Mindful Meditation with me. I will teach you the protocols that can help reduce the many stressors in your life, I will also teach you the proven techniques to calm your thinking/racing mind.

Second is always Movement

Optimise your mobility and your strength, improve your flexibility with fun functional and natural body weight movement proven to reduce aches and pains.

Third is Nutrition

While important, I believe reducing stress/anxiety, pain/inflammation, and increasing mobility/flexibility and strength should come first and foremost. But food and nutrition and getting it right is core to maintaining your new lifestyle. By changing your current state of mind I can help change your dietary decisions so that it becomes natural to make good choices and fuel yourself with what your body needs.

Start living with vitality, get in touch with Andy today.


My mother has been seeing Andy at Empower Studio and I’ve noticed such a difference. She’s motivated, fitter and is able to handle her stressful job better. Her aches and pains have ceased and she’s living a much healthier lifestyle. I saw her last week and she looked like she was standing straighter too.  I’m so excited and happy for her.

Jessica, happy daughter!