3 Tips to Help You Stay Cool this Summer

Can you feel it in the air? Summer break is nearly here! ‘Tis the season to be jolly! The long warm days and buzz of excitement sure make this a beautiful time of year. A great time to get [...]

Share Your Story: Kim

I’m Kim Munro and I own Empower Studio in Wellington with my husband Andy Munro. Our journey into practicing and teaching yoga began together. In 2002, I had a horrendous accident which resulted [...]

Share Your Story: Lynley

I’m Lynley, I am now a yoga teacher.  I used to enjoy the rat race of life until I suffered the heartbreak of infertility.  That’s when I found how yoga would save me and empower me to become a [...]

Share Your Story: Maddy

How Breast Cancer Changed My Life   Around five years ago, in 2014 when I was 27-years-old, I went to see my GP for a checkup before heading overseas to travel. I had no intention of getting a [...]

Guilty of Negative Self Talk?

Use negative self talk to your advantage! “Would you say that out loud to your best friend?” I’m sure you’ve heard this in relation to your self talk. It’s a great question, and from asking this [...]

How to Overcome Post-Holiday Blues

Have you struggled going back to work and getting back into your normal routine after enjoying some well required time off? Naturopath and medical herbalist Natalee Durrant, shares her tips below [...]

The Mindful Workout

Really transform yourself. Get that mind to do its workout! In the spirit of the new year and implementing our health and fitness goals, we’ve collaborated with Cendrine a fellow Yoga [...]

5 Top Tips for Summer Wellbeing

The summer holiday season is nearly upon us and what a fantastic time of year it is to get together, celebrate and enjoy that glass of vino in the late afternoon sun! ‘Tis the season to be jolly! [...]

Roll Your Winter Worries Away!

Roll your Winter Worries away with Myofascial Release Techniques Do you experience tight muscles, sore joints, restricted movement, repetitive injuries, or fatigue? Myofascial release techniques [...]

Revealing Fresh New Skin for Spring!

Our outer appearance reflects our inner wellness and as the largest organ, what we put on our skin gets absorbed internally. It therefore goes without saying that what goes on our skin is as [...]

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