Jump into June

Jump into June and wave goodbye to winter worries.   The bitterly chilly days we have been experiencing in the past weeks means there’s no denying winter is well and truly knocking on our [...]

Kim’s Winter Casserole

A rich and hearty casserole is the perfect winter comfort food. Slow cooked beef served with a variety of vegetable sides is a great way to pack in the antioxidants, fuel the immune system and [...]

5 Tips for Staying Well this Winter

Kicking off our series on Winter Wellness, here are five quick tips to stay well through movement, mindfulness and nutrition.   1. Don’t forget to move Getting your body moving will [...]

Mindfulness Meditation for stress

Why is there such a buzz around mindfulness and how can meditating be used to help with stress and lower the number of doctor’s visits you have each year?   “Mindfulness means [...]