An Introduction To
Animal Flow
4-Week Course

Module 1; Mobilisations & Activations – Sat 16 Sept 10:30-11:30am
Module 2; Form Dynamic Stretches – Sat 23 Sept 10:30-11:30am
Module 3; Switches & Transitions – Sat 30 Sept 10:30-11:30am
Module 4; Primary Kingdom Sequence – Sat 7 Oct 10:30-11:30am

For all those interested in Animal Flow who want to learn how to perform it with confidence and control. This 4-week course running from Sat 16 Sept – Sat 7 Oct is designed and tailored for the beginner.

For maximum results, Andy recommends each workshop is practiced as part of the 4 module series. They are also designed to be experienced in isolation.

The focus over the 4 week period will be on learning the essential component fundamentals of the series, from initial physical preparation including wrist, hip and shoulder warm up to full flowing postural combinations. Once the practitioner is able to move with a coordinated precision and flow, we will move into sequencing the component activities. This will culminate in week 4 with the completion of the signature ‘Primary Kingdom Sequence’.

Animal Flow is a multidisciplinary bodyweight training program. It is fun and creative, drawing upon parkour, yoga, gymnastics and martial arts to deliver a strong, flowing movement style. It targets both the mobility and strength endurance of our bodies equally, directly training our natural sling movement systems like no other form of exercise.

Animal Flow is certain to test you on all levels and deliver exponential gains in mobility, stability, power, coordination, and endurance.

Come prepared for a fun and powerful workout, one designed to maximise your natural human movement.



Full 4-week Course – $89

Individual Workshop – $30