7:15-8:30 pm

WED 14 FEB – WED 21 MAR 2018

Why meditation – what can it help you achieve?

  • Improved focus, concentration and mental endurance
  • Better communication skills – less emotional reactivity
  • Calmness under pressure
  • More daily contentment, joy and happiness
  • Reduction in stress, anxiety and depressive thought patterns
  • Total rest – sleep better – relax more often
  • Improved physical health – less annual sickness
  • Slow your incessant thinking mind – create mental clarity

Learn About

  • Styles of meditation – what is meditation and what are its various forms
  • Mindfulness and mindfulness meditation
  • Meditation preparation, posture and attitude
  • Science-backed benefits of meditation
  • The ‘Fight or Flight’ stress response and meditation
  • The ‘Relaxation Response’ – meditation as a healing modality
  • The two aspects of the mind – Thinking and Aware mind
  • 6 progressive mindfulness meditation protocols
  • Meditation experiments
  • Mindfulness of breath – diaphragmatic breathing
  • Meditation and thoughts
  • Meditation and Body Awareness
  • Finding stillness
  • Mindfulness in everyday life


Learn experientially for yourself and as part of a small group the true benefits of meditation. You will understand what meditation actually is and what it is not. We will discuss the common misconceptions many of us hold towards our understanding of meditation and the many variations within it. From prayer to contemplation, intention and ultimately mindfulness – how to focus your attention on the now, the original version of meditation.

You will especially learn how relevant meditation is today and how it can be of significant help in our modern world of perpetual stress and busyness and monotonous overstimulation.

About Andy Munro

Andy is a ”Vitality Coach’ and has over 20 years experience in health and wellness. From his earliest years, his major passion and lifelong endeavour have been how to live an optimum healthy lifestyle. He holds a certificate in Mindfulness-based Stillness Meditation from The Yarra Valley Living Centre, an internationally respected organisation and recognised by The Meditation Association of Australia. He is a master trainer and coach holding numerous qualifications including a BSc (Hons) degree in Sports and Exercise Science, a Health Coaching Diploma, yoga teacher certification and numerous body movement and personal training qualifications.
Andy is 40 years of age originating from Lancashire, England and now lives locally in the Wellington region having emigrated here in 2008. He is a devoted husband of 16 years and a father of two children, 24 and 15. He runs his own business enabling him to work with his passions directly co-owning and operating Empower Studio with his wife Kim. Together they have successfully built Wellingtons leading and most progressive health, fitness and empowerment studio.



6-Week Course: $295