5 Tips for Staying Well this Winter

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Kicking off our series on Winter Wellness, here are five quick tips to stay well through movement, mindfulness and nutrition.

1. Don’t forget to move

Getting your body moving will energise you on those sluggish winter days. Movement releases endorphins, leading to a happy, healthy body and mind. Come along to class at Empower Studio – you’ll feel better for it!

2. Take care of your mind

Stress wreaks havoc on the body. Elevated levels of the stress hormone cortisol can lead to adrenal fatigue, depleting the body of key nutrients we need to stay well and feel good. Invest time into relaxation through mindfulness meditation and yoga breathing. Come along to our Mindfulness Meditation sessions or practice breathing in our Yin class to induce your relaxation response.

3. Boost your immune system

The changing of seasons is a crucial time to up your fresh fruit and vegetable intake, in order to strengthen the natural immune system. If the Sunday morning markets don’t seem appealing in glacial conditions, have your organic weekly produce delivered from 100% Certified Organic Boxes – so simple!

For a quick boost, try Lifeforce Tonics organic drinks. Their ‘Turmeric Gold’ and ‘Ginger Zing’ are our winter immunity picks. Remember to stay hydrated.

4. Look after your gut

Gut health is the foundation of total health and a healthy gut means less seasonal illness.

Bone broth is a miracle potion for gut healing thanks to its collagen content that reduces intestinal inflammation. As an added bonus, it’s hearty and warming on a chilly night and the perfect make-ahead-and-freeze meal. Find our favourite broth recipe here.

Apple cider vinegar is another easy and effective way to promote healthy digestion and good gut flora. Mix with honey and hot water for a soothing ‘happy belly’ drink.

5. Be kind to yourself

Got the winter blues? You’re not alone. Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) is thought to affect around 10% of the population to some degree. Reduced sunlight leads to lower levels of vitamin D and can result in depression-like symptoms. Be kind to yourself by practicing self-care in whatever capacity that means for you – go for a walk, have a bath, shower yourself in compliments, practice yoga.


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