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Why Join Us?

  • We believe in a total wellness and fitness solution so that you can achieve your goals!
  • Moving the body in a safe and functional way is extremely important to our team
  • We offer beginners yoga classes and beginners yoga courses to help you get started
  • Lead teacher Kim Munro has 500+ hours of training
  • Lead teacher Andy Munro has a Sports and Exercise Science degree
  • Safe, fun and friendly environment
  • Personal training and health coaching is available

Why do we believe that yoga is so important for your physical health and mental wellbeing? Because it helps to:

  • Improve your circulation and cardiovascular health
  • Build strong lean muscles to protect you from injury and support healing
  • Increase flexibility so you can move more freely and without pain
  • Release positive endorphins so that you feel more alive, alert and happy
  • Lower stress and improve your immunity by reducing levels of cortisol in your body
  • Increase your energy levels and stamina so that you can spend quality time doing what you love

Let us help you become fit and healthy, increase your strength and energy plus reduce stress!

We believe everyone deserves to live with vigour and vitality and here’s how we do it:

Functional movement

(Alignment-based yoga, Restorative yoga, Vinyasa yoga, TRX suspension training)

Achievable mindfulness techniques

Nutrition and lifestyle advice

And most importantly, that personal touch – genuine care for all our clients’ needs.

We are in this business for you!

“My life is super hectic, my job is super stressful and I am super introverted professional skeptic. To my surprise I have been a 100% convert into this yoga, vitality and mindfulness thing. Week by week I have observed and experienced an unparalleled display of individual approach to client’s needs. My limitations and goals have been recognised, respected and then challenged in a way that made me want to challenge myself. It is very rare to find people who truly make you want to be the best version of yourself and who guide you through the process with such respect and humour. Needless to say, I am now a full member of Empower Studio. If someone told me a year ago that I’ll be meditating, changing my diet completely and attending classes (!!!) few times a week I’d have laughed like a hyena. But here I am. In the NOW. And enjoying every second of it.”

– Marta Roberts

“To say empower studio has changed my life, sounds like a cliche but it’s the only appropriate way to describe how I feel about it…Empower is much more than a yoga studio, where you practice yoga a few times a week. It truly feels like they are here to help people overcome their own personal suffering in their lives whether that be mental, emotional or physical. They manage to do this through more than just yoga. They really look at things from a holistic point of view, using yoga poses, meditation and breathing they encourage and help you tackle areas of your life where you may be having the most trouble. It’s their compassion and genuine interest in people’s progress that has me returning to Empower daily and I couldn’t be more happy that I found this studio.”

– Alex Riley

“We are all busy and I’m like most being a full time working parent with everyone expecting 100% of me 100% of the time…Empower has enabled me the foundation I needed to make lasting change, continuing my long term commitment to my health and wellbeing in a more thoughtful and gentle way. It has been the something different in my life I didn’t know I needed but am so glad I’ve now got… I feel more in touch with myself, peaceful, thoughtful and more present and made some lovely friends along the way… Family, friends and colleagues have commented on the change they see, feel and hear in me and constantly ask what I’m doing. My mind-set, which has the biggest impact on our performance and how we chose to live our lives, is strong and positive which in turn has increased my capacity and capability for life in general.”

– Meredith Cole


Movement and Mindfulness
We offer a variety of classes with a focus on the proven, scientifically-backed benefits of functional movement systems. Whether you’re after Alignment-based yoga, Restorative yoga, Vinyasa yoga, or TRX we have you covered. We also integrate mindfulness meditation practice within our classes so that you can embody the benefits of a calm and clear mind.

Enjoy Space and a Safe Temperature
In packed classes, it’s hard to focus. We cap our class numbers so you can benefit from more space, quality instruction and personal attention.
Our studio is not-heated. According to Dr. M. Fahad Khan, it’s not just our muscles that can be affected in heated rooms but our tendons and ligaments too. “Working out in a hot room can also throw off our body’s internal temperature, which can cause dehydration, and — in extreme cases — lead to heat exhaustion or heat stroke.”

A Safe Environment to Learn and Grow
Our team are very well qualified. Lead teacher Kim Munro has a 500-hour yoga certification under her belt and Andy Munro comes from a Sport and Exercise Science background. Moving the body in a safe and functional way is extremely important to Kim and Andy, and the whole Empower team.
We also offer personal training in our core disciplines: functional movement, mindfulness meditation, breath work and mindful nutrition.
Our community comes with open arms so that you can achieve your health and fitness goals in a fun, safe and friendly environment.

Live life with vitality